How To Get New Box And Papers For Your Rolex Submariner, GMT. Daytona - Must Know Tip

Rolex box and papers and important for current and future owners of a Rolex. The box and papers helps support the claim that the Rolex for sale is authentic and not a fake Rolex. It helps the future buyer be more certain and allows the seller to get a premium when selling their Rolex.

Many watch dealers put a value on box and paper at around $500. Thus if the market rate for a secondary Rolex is going for $10,000. If you don't have box and papers, the market value of that Rolex should be $9,500 ($500 less) than one with box and papers.


How To Get New Box And Papers For Rolex

If you don't have box and papers, there's a cool method to get box and papers for your Rolex. This will work if you're looking to sell your Rolex or have just bought one without box and papers.

What you can do to get papers for your Rolex is go to an Authorized Dealer and get an estimate from an authorized Rolex service center. When they give you that estimate, you'll get back an official Rolex document with the watch's serial number. model and a quote for the service.

If you don't want to get your Rolex serviced, then you have official Rolex documents with details of your Rolex from the factory center. But if you decided to get the service, then when it's returned you'll get a warranty card, letter of authentication, travel pouch and the service itself.

The warranty card looks like the one that comes with a brand Rolex. The warranty card includes the serial number, model number and date of service. Since the box and papers will be very similar to the original, it'll generally work for documentation for most collectors to help them be more certain when going to purchase your Rolex.