What Does Rolex Full Set Mean? - Box And Papers

In the watch world, there's some terminology that is thrown around a lot in the secondary market that many new watch people are unfamiliar with. When searching for a used watch to buy, you sometimes hear Rolex Full Set or Rolex Box and Papers. If you're new to the luxury watch world it's important to know this language before you go buy yourself a watch.

The reason for this is that not all used Rolex watches come with everything that was originally given when the original watch was purchased. Sometimes dealers are only selling the watch, other times they include everything that the original Rolex came with including the receipt. Below we'll break down some terminology that you should know:


Naked: This means it's just the watch by itself. In most cases unless you're a watch dealer/professional, you should stay away from these types.

With Box: This means it only comes with the box. More specifically it comes with the original box that it came with, not some random Rolex box.

Box and Accessories: This means it comes with the correct box and some other accessories. This could include the Rolex hang tag or some other accessories that authorized dealers sometimes hand to buyers.

Box and Papers: This means that the watch comes with the original manufactures papers and box. Papers that comes from the Rolex Service Center does not count as B&P.


Full Set: This means it comes with EVERYTHING that could have came with it during the time of purchase for the original owners. Some things that are part of a full set include box boxes, outer case and main Rolex box case. Papers, paper wallet, green number tag, model booklet, service center booklet and some others. The "some others" is different in each case because that depends on if the AD decides they wanted to give the buyer some additional accessories.